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Want to talk to your girlfriend, you ask her, “come on hangout baby”. Want to talk to your friend in US, you ask him “come on Skype, dude”. But there is a glitch in this system. ‘Skype’, ‘hangout’ and many other Voice calling apps work on really fast internet connections and consume a very high bandwidth. You must have always aspired of an application that works on slow networks, consumes less bandwidth and has excellent voice clarity. Wouldn’t such an app make life simpler ? So, keeping your requirement into consideration, we hereby present to you a free calling app, ‘FreeCallApp’ This wonderful app not only works on 3G/4G but also works on 2G and provides crystal clear quality to users for Voice calls. So, what are you waiting for .. Install the app now for free and stay connected.

***Give Missed call to +918030636316 to get download link directly to mobile via sms


  • Unlimited Calling
  • 2G support along with 3G/4G
  • Crystal clear voice Quality
  • Support for 200+ Countries
  • No need for Login/Logout
  • No need to add friends. Friends who use FreeCallApp are displayed automatically
  • Easy to use UI
  • No more worries about low balance. Enjoy calling!

FreeCallApp was featured in:
The New Indian Express
Maharashtra Times

We love to hear suggestions/feedback Contact FreeCallApp
To get list of supported countries visit link:
Supported Countries

**Please note sometimes 2G data is not continuous hence voice may come after few secs after call is connected which is not in our control.

*When roaming, additional carrier data charges may apply. Please contact your carrier for details.